Friday, October 24, 2014

Affordable Holidays to The Maldives

Just a thought I wanted to share with you about the word "cheap"

Buffet in a affordable resort

We are in the luxury hospitality business and I want to eliminate the word "cheap" from our vocabulary and use a different word instead.

Whenever I do campaigns I observed one thing, if I use the keyword "Cheap", we drive more traffic (in fact, we can get more enquiry) no matter how beautiful or plain the website is. These customers really do not care about what the content of the website is - even if you use flowery words to describe your website and use fancy words to talk about luxury, they simply are not interested and will just fill the form and wait for the reply.

I have the habit of analyzing and studying key words because I love data. I know what their purpose are and what they can do for a website. Based on my own study, I have dropped the keyword "cheap" from my campaigns and it is better to remove it altogether from our daily lives. At the end of the day what we want to bring is quality enquiry and attract the kind of people who will appreciate our service. Good quality inquiries = money and better understanding!

When you are consulting, if you get cheap holiday seekers don't be discouraged right away. Avoid using the word cheap and replace it with "affordable" instead. Give an "affordable" holiday to your "cheap" holiday client.  Affordable sounds much better, right?

This way you will be able to maintain your brand and quality. In your email subject, quotes & everything else start using "affordable". If the client still can't afford what you are giving and there's no revenue on it then just drop it and attend to a quality request. Don't waste your time on something that will not give any good returns.

Hope this helped you in some way. So, go ahead and rewrite your email and offer your clients an "affordable" holiday especially for them.

In an affordable resort
Interior in an affordable resort
In an affordable resort