Saturday, March 14, 2020

This is the best time to invest in the Tourism Industry

As soon as you see this title you must be wondering whether this guy is crazy or something.

I believe that in every situation there is an opportunity, you'd have to be wise enough to dig deep  to pick the diamond from the dirt.

As far as tourism is concerned , most of the bookings are given to hotels and resorts by Travel agents or tour operators. In normal situations, if your travel organisation is small and is just a startup, these hotels and resorts will not spare you a second glance, they wouldn't even want to talk to you.

I believe this is the best opportunity to talk to them. They will love that you're trying to help them and appreciate your loyalty in this time of need, making them give you the most priority. This is also a good opportunity to spend some time by analysing your data and fixing the in-house problems.
You could also use this opportunity to prepare all your marketing materials and whatever's best for your client .

People still travel  Travellers use this opportunity to get cheaper flight tickets and  cheaper hotel accommodations in this situation. Find out the markets that work for you at this stage and target them, run your campaigns for them, get the best offers from resorts and hotels and keep a low markup to just run your business.

At this situation you cannot shutdown your company or think of making good profit. Just think of surviving rather than closing down your company and cutting staff.

If you take this situation negatively you will be  sick and tired of it. Just keep calm and take it positively, then find the opportunity thats waiting for you.

I believe this will give you a more positive attitude towards the whole scenario.

Thank you for your time!


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