Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to Achieve MAXimum Result from Social Media Marketing- SMM

From this article I mainly focus on how to get maximum out of social media posts. I'm sure this will help boost your "paupers".

This is really old school but, always think before a post why, you're doing this, and nail it to the bottom.
I have 4 reasons:
1. Entertain google
2. Entertain google
3. Bring traffic to our website
4. Branding & Branding

Sounds crazy?, here's a thing, people search for it, google loves it, and it works for me.

DO IT EVERYDAY: Keep the above 4 reasons in your mind and make the daily post, Did I said "daily post"? yes, it IS one of the key points in SMM, this will show the world that you are alive 😉

SAY THE RIGHT WORDS: When posting you always make sure you have the right keyword in your post this will entertain google and also make sure you are adding a URL to the post, this will cover google and also you will get traffic.

DO NOT DO IT MORE THAN ONCE, I have seen some are adding more than one link, from my point of view this is not a good idea since the person who is seeing will only once and also by adding one URL you can add some more wording or hash tags.

KEEP IT SHORT: Make sure you add short links, this will help to accommodate more text in the post.

KEEP A MARK: I'm talking about branding... I always use a photo edited with our logo, this really helps to shine out from millions of posts.  This will also push our brand and logo to more eyes. When it comes to branding, other thing is 'tagging' or adding 'hash tag' related to the post. When tagging, it will notify the tagged owner and their followers.

##### IT!: Hash tag will help you same like above and also select hash tag carefully,  since lots of people are watching the hash tags and also some hash tags will auto retweet (bots).

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: If you are a social media marketing guy, please make sure you get the maximum use of Hootsuite & SocialPilot

Thank you for reading this mini article.
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