Friday, June 5, 2015

Google will be retiring the maximum cost-per-acquisition (max CPA)

Google Adwords has announced and sent mail to all advertises that the sad news about discontinuing maximum CPA.

Yes Starting July 3rd, 2015, Google will be retiring the maximum cost-per-acquisition (max CPA) setting in Conversion Optimizer. This option will no longer be available when opting campaigns into Conversion Optimizer for automated bidding.

For an advertiser this is one of the best  option to reduce the cost for some campaign, of course this will not work for all the campaigns.

What Google says?
Using max CPA can limit conversion volume by restricting eligibility in certain auctions, and often results in a lower CPA than what advertisers are targeting for actual performance.

Most advertisers instead use target CPA to optimize for conversions. With recent improvements, target CPA is even more effective at hitting performance targets while maximizing conversion volume.

What I Say - this was a good option when I am going on holiday I can just switch to manual to auto and enjoy the holiday and also when I am leaving my previous company I have changed to MAX CPA and still it runs perfectly. The algorithm for MAX CPA was designed perfectly by whomever did that, and it is 100% favoring the advertises and after some years of running MAX CPA Google just realized they are losing some opportunity to make money from MAX CPA and discontinuing this awesome feature.

Anyway RIP MAX CPA - you have saved my ass most of the time.