Saturday, March 14, 2020

This is the best time to invest in the Tourism Industry

As soon as you see this title you must be wondering whether this guy is crazy or something.

I believe that in every situation there is an opportunity, you'd have to be wise enough to dig deep  to pick the diamond from the dirt.

As far as tourism is concerned , most of the bookings are given to hotels and resorts by Travel agents or tour operators. In normal situations, if your travel organisation is small and is just a startup, these hotels and resorts will not spare you a second glance, they wouldn't even want to talk to you.

I believe this is the best opportunity to talk to them. They will love that you're trying to help them and appreciate your loyalty in this time of need, making them give you the most priority. This is also a good opportunity to spend some time by analysing your data and fixing the in-house problems.
You could also use this opportunity to prepare all your marketing materials and whatever's best for your client .

People still travel  Travellers use this opportunity to get cheaper flight tickets and  cheaper hotel accommodations in this situation. Find out the markets that work for you at this stage and target them, run your campaigns for them, get the best offers from resorts and hotels and keep a low markup to just run your business.

At this situation you cannot shutdown your company or think of making good profit. Just think of surviving rather than closing down your company and cutting staff.

If you take this situation negatively you will be  sick and tired of it. Just keep calm and take it positively, then find the opportunity thats waiting for you.

I believe this will give you a more positive attitude towards the whole scenario.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Facebook Ads or Google AdWords?

Facebook and Google are both wonderful ways of advertising, but one may be more suited to achieve your goals than the other. Understanding them will help to determine which one will work best for your business.

Facebook Ads 
Most Facebook users are not on Facebook to make a purchase. So, you really have to gain their interest with your ads to make them stop looking at photos, videos, or reading posts. Your ad needs to stand out from this “clutter.” Facebook ads appear within or to the right of a user’s timeline. Facebook ads are most effective for creating brand awareness. This is extremely helpful to start up companies that are offering unique services that a potential customer would not be searching for. You can post images of your business to show exactly what services you offer and encourage users to like your page to help drive engagement. Ultimately letting people know your business exists and if they have any questions or want to visit your website, they now have an easy way to access all of this info. Facebook offers the best targeted demographic selections. You can pinpoint your audience based on age, gender, marital status, where they live, their interests, etc. Helping you to enhance the effectiveness of your ads. 

Google AdWords 
Google calls their advertisements AdWords. These are the ads that appear at the top and bottom of search results when a specific product or service is searched. These advertisements are best suited for businesses that want to increase their sales because people are actively seeking pricing or further information about a specific product they are interested in purchasing. With AdWords you can reach a large audience. Anyone who searches for keywords relevant to your product or services will see your ads. However, you can limit your audience to target them by location, when they are using their mobile device, or during a specific time period. Furthermore, with AdWords you can retarget users that came to your website, but did not make a purchase. Helping to increase your brand awareness making it more likely for that person to come back to your website and complete their purchase.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

8 Reasons Why You Should Select AAYUS for Social Media Marketing.

8 Reasons Why You Should Select AAYUS for Social Media Marketing.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Social Media Marketing from AAYUS Team

Have you ever been stuck with a lack of advertising? With many tries, you might have gone to advertise your products on social media which might have been the best decision to take because most of the world uses social media.

So what now? You’ve reached out to even more sales, but have you ever felt some vital factor missing in ensuring that more people go through your social media?

Well that’s where we come in to the scene. The dedicated team of AAYUS Solutions will optimise your social media accounts and manage them to ensure that you are up-to-date on all the latest ongoings of the world.

We improve your existing content or make brand new content that viewers can sink their teeth into.
These improvements include;

  • SEO optimization (Basic)
  • Edited images
  • Post related video editing
  • Daily posts
  • Social media marketing schedules with best plan

It is important for regular posts and updates on your social media as it gives potential buyers that you are actively working and it would increase sales by a whopping 100%

Social media has evolved to become the leading platform for individuals and businesses. Thereby making it an important part in advertising and letting the viewers to know everything that’s happening with you and your business. The days of simple billboard advertising have come to an end with the rise of social media.

to expand your business into a wider audience it is important to effectively use social media to its maximum. For example twitter only allows a maximum cap of 140 characters, giving you less space to give in all the information you want to pass on to viewers. So AAYUS can help you to squeeze in all the information you need in a grammatically accurate way so that the tweet is efficiently used.

Moving on to Facebook,  The biggest social media platform with a monthly active user base of 1.8bn+ users. AAYUS can help you market to the bigger crowd so your business is more widely known. But if you wish to make quick and efficient posts, then instagram is where you can focus on where you simply make a post and add a caption.

If you have a social media account where you wish to separate certain groups of followers, then google plus is the only platform that gives you the opportunity to show posts to separate groups of followers. This is ideal if you have friends in one circle and customers in another circle.

There are many social media platforms and it is a mentally taxing task to learn the features of each and every platform and adapt to it. Whether it is Facebook,Instagram,Google Plus,VK,Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn, AAYUS can do everything that is expected to successfully run a professional social media page. So when AAYUS comes into work, you can focus on the more easier parts of business such as physically selling your products while we complete all your social media marketing.

So be it in quality or quantity of work needed from us, you can always depend on us for an interactive service with frequent updates on  how well your work is being done.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Family Holiday to Agro Villa by City Hub Ja-Ela

Needed some peace of mind, got my family out on a holiday and this weekend was amazing I would say. Got a reservation in place called Agro Villa by City Hub, was located at the city of  Ja'ela close to the Katunayaka International Airport. As I entered we had the nature welcoming us with a wonderful looking artificial pond, we felt as the nature is escorting us into a greener home with trees planted either side of the path.

First impression just ticked itself! first ever sighting of a white glare reflected Villa, I just felt the warmth of the sun and the cold breeze which made me realize the Magic of nature. As we entered the white palace, white marbled floor blistering  the living room with its easy accessible Modern Style kitchen, equipped with all necessary cutleries.  had 3 Bedrooms with queen sized beds which was fully air conditioned, hall included. there was a room which was connected from outside. The bathroom was well maintained, hot water also was available.

Kids started running everywhere enjoying the surroundings where I noticed a plunge pool just for the family the ideal place to relax with my wife and kids with 4 ft of depth and 2 at the shallow part. evening was the perfect time we were enjoying the green surrounded nature while we played in the pool with some snacks and coffee. three pavilions were very much stable looking where for all out door BBQ parties to any other occasions would be really resourceful.

Sun started hiding itself while the diminishing of lights the filaments were lit was so mesmerizing to watch all these timed at once. lovely night sight with garden lamps and the villa was all bright with white. we could make our own meals very comfortably as all the necessities are provided, considering the close commercial location any meals could be ordered from reputed Restaurants for easy delivery

The service was really good the butler helped us in many ways possible, the 4 acres of land was filled with green but not forgetting to beautify itself with branches of Aththanagalla Oya. fishing is nothing to reconsider its all the green light, had some great catch and the BBQ was ready within minutes. 

All in all I felt home and even safer, had a lovely holiday with my family.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

16 Reasons Why You Need Filipino Friends In Your Life

When you're with Filipinos, you're with family.

Filipinos are said to be some of the coolest people around. From their amazing Southeastern cuisine to their characteristic hospitality, it's always interesting being in their company.

Over the years, they've made their way across the globe from their small island of the Philippines, so you're bound to have befriended a Filipino at least once in your life. But if you haven't yet, here are 16 reasons why you need to do so ASAP:

1. They'll feed you. Seriously.

You'll never eat so much in your life.

2. They'll treat you with the utmost hospitality.
You will never be without tsinelas on your feet whenever you visit.

3. They'll bring you to their epic Filipino parties.
Whether it's a house party, debut or wedding, Filipinos know how to throw down.

4. They'll offer you leftovers that will last you an entire week.
Never forget to ask them to pack you some leftover pancit or lumpia.

5. They'll help you improve your stage presence.
Once they whip out the Magic Mic, you'll turn into a completely different person.

6. They'll widen your sense of humour.
You'll gain an appreciation for even the corniest of jokes.

7. They'll introduce you to all of their cousins and siblings.
You automatically make 10 new friends when you befriend just one Filipino.

8. They'll show you new ways to save money.
Whether it be cutting paper towel rolls in half or diluting dish soap, frugality is their specialty.

9. They'll bring you some cool stuff from the Philippines.
A small corner of their Balikbayan box will be reserved just for you.

10. They'll make you look good for being punctual.
Because they're always late (Not All).

11. They'll acquaint you with all sorts of unique food combinations.
You'll soon realize that almost anything can serve as a sawsawan.

12. They'll almost always be down to go out.
Filipinos love a good time!

13. They'll get you in touch with your artistic side.
All of their singing and dancing will rub off on you.

14. They'll teach you fun new ways to communicate.
You'll be calling people "ate" and "kuya" and pointing with your lips in no time.

15. They'll accept you for who you are.
No matter your age, race or sexual orientation!

16. They'll always treat you like family.
When you're with Filipinos, you're with family.

Some memories...