Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Social Media Marketing from AAYUS Team

Have you ever been stuck with a lack of advertising? With many tries, you might have gone to advertise your products on social media which might have been the best decision to take because most of the world uses social media.

So what now? You’ve reached out to even more sales, but have you ever felt some vital factor missing in ensuring that more people go through your social media?

Well that’s where we come in to the scene. The dedicated team of AAYUS Solutions will optimise your social media accounts and manage them to ensure that you are up-to-date on all the latest ongoings of the world.

We improve your existing content or make brand new content that viewers can sink their teeth into.
These improvements include;

  • SEO optimization (Basic)
  • Edited images
  • Post related video editing
  • Daily posts
  • Social media marketing schedules with best plan

It is important for regular posts and updates on your social media as it gives potential buyers that you are actively working and it would increase sales by a whopping 100%

Social media has evolved to become the leading platform for individuals and businesses. Thereby making it an important part in advertising and letting the viewers to know everything that’s happening with you and your business. The days of simple billboard advertising have come to an end with the rise of social media.

to expand your business into a wider audience it is important to effectively use social media to its maximum. For example twitter only allows a maximum cap of 140 characters, giving you less space to give in all the information you want to pass on to viewers. So AAYUS can help you to squeeze in all the information you need in a grammatically accurate way so that the tweet is efficiently used.

Moving on to Facebook,  The biggest social media platform with a monthly active user base of 1.8bn+ users. AAYUS can help you market to the bigger crowd so your business is more widely known. But if you wish to make quick and efficient posts, then instagram is where you can focus on where you simply make a post and add a caption.

If you have a social media account where you wish to separate certain groups of followers, then google plus is the only platform that gives you the opportunity to show posts to separate groups of followers. This is ideal if you have friends in one circle and customers in another circle.

There are many social media platforms and it is a mentally taxing task to learn the features of each and every platform and adapt to it. Whether it is Facebook,Instagram,Google Plus,VK,Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn, AAYUS can do everything that is expected to successfully run a professional social media page. So when AAYUS comes into work, you can focus on the more easier parts of business such as physically selling your products while we complete all your social media marketing.

So be it in quality or quantity of work needed from us, you can always depend on us for an interactive service with frequent updates on  how well your work is being done.

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