Friday, November 3, 2017

Family Holiday to Agro Villa by City Hub Ja-Ela

Needed some peace of mind, got my family out on a holiday and this weekend was amazing I would say. Got a reservation in place called Agro Villa by City Hub, was located at the city of  Ja'ela close to the Katunayaka International Airport. As I entered we had the nature welcoming us with a wonderful looking artificial pond, we felt as the nature is escorting us into a greener home with trees planted either side of the path.

First impression just ticked itself! first ever sighting of a white glare reflected Villa, I just felt the warmth of the sun and the cold breeze which made me realize the Magic of nature. As we entered the white palace, white marbled floor blistering  the living room with its easy accessible Modern Style kitchen, equipped with all necessary cutleries.  had 3 Bedrooms with queen sized beds which was fully air conditioned, hall included. there was a room which was connected from outside. The bathroom was well maintained, hot water also was available.

Kids started running everywhere enjoying the surroundings where I noticed a plunge pool just for the family the ideal place to relax with my wife and kids with 4 ft of depth and 2 at the shallow part. evening was the perfect time we were enjoying the green surrounded nature while we played in the pool with some snacks and coffee. three pavilions were very much stable looking where for all out door BBQ parties to any other occasions would be really resourceful.

Sun started hiding itself while the diminishing of lights the filaments were lit was so mesmerizing to watch all these timed at once. lovely night sight with garden lamps and the villa was all bright with white. we could make our own meals very comfortably as all the necessities are provided, considering the close commercial location any meals could be ordered from reputed Restaurants for easy delivery

The service was really good the butler helped us in many ways possible, the 4 acres of land was filled with green but not forgetting to beautify itself with branches of Aththanagalla Oya. fishing is nothing to reconsider its all the green light, had some great catch and the BBQ was ready within minutes. 

All in all I felt home and even safer, had a lovely holiday with my family.

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