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Maldives Jobs and Living in Maldives

This is only applicable for Qualified categories. 
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Dear friends, if you have any plans to come to Maldives. please note that the currency and the cost of living is very very different than Sri Lanka. Also please get some ideas from friends who live in the Maldives. For your information I would like to tell you some information.

1. Ask for accommodation not allowance for accommodation. Since in Maldives all the apartment rentals are very high, please do not ask for a allowance for accommodation. If you ask for a allowance the company will give you only about Rf.4,000 to Rf.6,000 for this money you can not even get a single room, ohhhhh forget about sharing apartments. If the company is not willing to give you a accommodation and they are willing to give only allowance ask for over Rf 10,000 at least  you can find a private one room apartment. Rf.10,000 is about Rs.85,000.

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2. The electricity & water, don't forget to ask billing allowance to pay your electricity & water. In Maldives water bill comes like petroleum cooperation bills. And also it is NOT recommended to drink even after heating the water. Ok you can heat the water and drink but every vacation you go to Sri Lanka make sure to go and do a kidney stone check up with a good doctor. So I am recommending you to drink mineral water (I am sorry no mineral water for sale in Maldives but you can buy mineralized water). Electricity, as usual it is more than water bill.

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3. Medicals, basically are no highly qualified doctors in Maldives, Some Indian doctors are coming for $100 per month salary also. I have good experience with this doctors. Anyway for small things ok, but about 90% of the people goes to Sri Lanka for Medical Treatments. Even the medical charges are very very high. So don't forget about medical allowance.

4. Food allowance, usually all the companies are giving Rf.1000 as food allowance, depending on your Job category it will change.

5. Salary, If you are coming for the salary less than $400 forget about Maldives. If you are coming above $400 can do something.

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Story that made me to write this blog: Ok I live in Maldives,  recently I got a mail from one of my friend asking where I am, I said I’m Maldives and he replied me he is also in Maldives and he gave me the address and company name so i met him. I was happy to see him in Maldives and he has come one day after getting married with his wife. Since he had a situation that he wanted to go some where he has come here without any ideas and any commitment. He is happy with salary but the company provides a very small allowance for both of them and cant even think about a private accommodation. By the time I met him it was 1 week in Maldives. For this one week they have moved to over 5 places. Finally they have got a jut a room with no bath room but the bath room is out side of the room and have to share with the people who live there. He has some Indian people living in the house. And all of them sleep and eat in the same hall, so they have to go home early. I was so worried about this issue since the day I met them. Other thing is finding accommodation in Maldives is not easy. Since this couple is  newly married, they need some freedom to enjoy the life, need some privacy to have fun. Now we are searching for a better place for them, hope they will get it soon. I wish for them a good life.

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So my dear friends, if you have any idea to work in Maldives, Please consider about the points I have mentioned above.
Thanks You.

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