Tuesday, November 4, 2014

10 Social Media Tactic for Resort Website Traffic

You can use this article for any business it is just a perspective of how you look, with my experience and the study of the trade I am in, I thought to rewrite this article help to promote resorts and hotels. With the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn growing over the last few years, more and more people are using Social Media to communicate. In fact, many consumers turn to these sites to find products and services, as well as, to get opinions from others.

There are many ways that you can increase traffic to your resorts and hotels website but it does not mean all visitors are holidaymakers, May be about 5% or less will convert as bookings but till by increase traffic your resorts and hotels website will give you good rank in search engine.

Here are 10 Ways that your resorts & hotels business can use Social Media to increase online traffic to your website:

1. Share Blogs on Social Media Sites
The absolute best way to drive traffic to your resorts & hotels websites by using Social Media networks is through blogs. Essentially, blogs are similar to regular articles, but they are written from the author’s perspective, and they usually welcome comments. Add new blog posts frequently and link to these on Social Media networks. It is advised to have make blog about everything you see in your resorts & hotels. For example: when it comes to resorts & hotels you will have hundreds of photos, Post them one by one everyday and explain about the photos and resorts & hotels information. Ask questions in blog so that it will automatically invite visitors to make an action (comment). Creating blog in your same domain is a good idea but how many people have the fully featured blog scripts to protect from spams and accepting comments from blog readers. So it is always better to have blog site from blogger.com so that we dont have to worry about members, registration, comments since already users will have gmail/openID account to comment. So once you add the blog share it using Social Media networks about the blog and the comments.

2. Update Statuses Frequently
One of the best social networking strategies involves updating statuses frequently, but not frequently enough to put off visitors. Daily updates are generally sufficient. You should inform to your customers and or followers about what is happening in resort now and also give them some promotional updates and wherever you post article just invite them to read from status update.

Idea: Who has the time to sit and do post to each and every social media network, I have made my own web application  where I just have to schedule or list the messages I want to post so that the WebApp will automatically post for each and every social network and I have also I have added a option to report same message unlimited times (can set an interval ).

3. Build Backlink Relationships
It is very common for small resorts & hotels websites to backlink to one another’s Social Media profiles as a form of free and complementary advertising. For instance, if your resort or hotel located in Maldives, you can choose Sri Lanka resort or hotel website, you can talk to the sites who are into holiday service and travel related for backlink.

4. Hold Advertising Campaigns
Resort management should hold frequent online advertising campaigns in order to get more website traffic. As an example, a you can offer consumers the chance to win a free holiday or a significant discount once their Facebook page has so many ‘likes.’ The drawing should be held as promised, and the name should be chosen randomly from among people who have ‘liked’ the page.

5. Promote Other Small Hotels & Resorts
Social Media networks are fantastic ways to promote other small hotels & resorts, so it may also be helpful for Hotels & Resorts to start a thread in which another business can post updates and links to promote their business. As a whole, the participants in the thread will gain exposure to other companies that offer products and services they desire.

6. Post Photos
Photos are always a great way to increase guests interest in Hotels & Resorts, so it is important for you to post them on Social Media frequently. Some great times to do this include when a new offer are added to a line, when a blog post is about a particular offer, or when a certain offer or service goes on sale.

7. Get Guests Opinions
Guests want to know that their opinions matter, so asking for opinions on rooms or services on a Social Media network can work wonderfully. When a resort management is thinking of adding a new villa, for example, they can post a photo of the villa and a brief description, and then, ask guest if they would be interested in visiting again.

8. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is another phenomenal Social Media Strategy that can cause a sharp increase in the number of website visitors. Essentially, Hotels & Resorts management form agreements with popular bloggers in which the guest blogger will write a positive review about services, either for a cash payment. Then, the blogger allows the Hotels & Resorts management to link back to the blog on their Social Media pages.

9. Word of Mouth Advertising
Social Media is a huge venue for word-of-mouth advertising, and Hotels & Resorts management should capitalize on this in any way possible. You can ask customers to ‘like’ your Facebook pages or include your name in a ‘Tweet’ when they are satisfied with their services. They can also offer prizes for those who mention the business name in Facebook or Twitter comments and updates.

10. Article Marketing
Article Marketing and Social Media networking go together like salt and pepper. Consumers want information, and well-written, short, informative articles are just the way to deliver. The articles should be related to the industry’s niche, located on the company’s website or an article marketing site, and then linked via a Social Media network.

These ten ideas are some of the best and most cost-effective ways to advertise online with the help of Social Media. You can truly thrive when they make the most out of the available opportunities, increasing their online presence and driving online traffic to their website.

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