Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do you have to use Social Media for Branding?

Writing this post
I was reading some marketing articles/blogs on flipboard when I was going today to office and decided that writers are either confusing you to make money, or their knowledge is, in fact limited.

Some say that the use of social media for branding has immense potential, whilst on the contrary some others say brands are wasting time and money on Facebook and Twitter. Or sometimes, the very same writer contradicts his/ her own post.

The way I see it, from business to business, country to country & audience to audience it differs. Talk to your marketing staff and see what they are capable of with social media; be frank with them and say ‘I have a few questions. I read something in an article recently. Do you think it is effective and would it be worthwhile to apply to our business?’ Talking to your staff & taking decisions is one of the best things boss can do. Not only does nobody else understand what’s best for your business better than your own staff, they might also have hidden ideas & input that you have never discovered.

All in all it's a good idea to have social media for all businesses. You can generate some great traffic & quality conversions. Do be careful when it comes to utilizing time & money effectively.

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